about us

The Community Food Club is a non-profit, member based grocery store.

our mission

The Community Food Club is an innovative and dignified approach to food security rooted in consumer choice, member participation, and access to healthy foods.

our values


Building and encouraging strong relationships in a friendly and safe environment


Demonstrating and promoting mutual respect and appreciation

Consumer Participation

Encouraging ownership and buy-in by way of membership fees and program input


Ensuring a quality shopping experience, increased choice, and active participation for all members


Providing accessible and affordable selection of healthy foods and nutrition education opportunities


Members, donors, and other sectors investing to ensure effective program and financial stability


Making informed decisions based on research and data


Creating an inclusive, diverse, and just organization that works to reduce disparities

our story

The Community Food Club Model

Opening its doors in January of 2015, the Community Food Club was the vision of seven partner agencies desiring to try a new model. A model that incorporated consumer choice and had access to healthy foods.

Walk through the doors of the Community Food Club and you will find a grocery store stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk, cheese, meat and dry goods. Members complete their shopping trip at the checkout lane and receive a receipt that shows the order total and the remaining point balance.

Member households pay $11-$15 for a 30 day membership and are given an allotment of points based on their household size. Point values are assigned to each food item at the Community Food Club and members select the foods that best meet their families needs. Members may shop as often as they wish, up to once per day, until all of their points are used. Dignity and choice are the hallmarks of the Community Food Club model.

What differentiates the Community Food Club from a traditional grocery store? The price! Fruits and vegetables are the lowest priced items in the store while processed foods and snacks are the among the highest. This model helps increase food security in general; providing our members access to fresh produce and other healthy foods.

who we are

AJ Fossel

Executive Director


Grocery Coordinator
Volunteer Trainer

AMBER Colter

Assistant Grocery Coordinator

Sydney Watson

Communications & Development Coordinator
Volunteer Communications

Heather Milks

Education Coordinator
AmeriCorps Member

Deanna howland

Floor & Stocking Associate

board of directors

Dave Jacobs


Doug Scholma

Vice Chair

Bobby Garmon

Kurt Knoth

Joel Ruiter

Ashley dowdell

Betty Zylstra


Jerlean McAlister


Ken Estelle

Sonia De La cruz

dr. tiffany letts

Jay zylstra

Gustavo Rotondaro