The Bunch is a unique group of monthly donors whose monthly investment allows the Community Food Club to ensure the continued stocking of our produce coolers!

Produce is our most popular item at the Food Club with over 56% of everything leaving the store each day being a fruit or veggie. In order to keep this area stock, it costs approximately $10,000 each month. With a monthly donation, you can help the Food Club ensure that access to fresh, beautiful, and a variety of fruits and vegetables is available all year around. 

giving levels

$10 - Purchases 25 pounds of onions each month

$25 - Purchases 48 pounds of carrots each month

$50 - Purchases 417 heads of locally sourced garlic each month

$100 - Purchases 307 pounds of potatoes each month


When you join the Bunch, you’ll receive Food Club swag, a welcome letter, a shoutout in our monthly newsletter, and special invitations to Food Club events throughout the year.

every gift helps

For donations made by cash or check

Please send to:

Community Food Club
1100 South Division Ave
Grand Rapids, MI 49507