an innovative and dignified approach to food security

Providing consumer choice, member participation, and access to healthy foods.

what is the community food club?

The Community Food Club is a non-profit, member based grocery store. Low income members pay between $11 and $15 for a 30 day membership and are able to shop using points based on their household size. Most members receive 9 to 11 days’ worth of foods during each membership period. Members can shop as often as they’d like and select foods that fit their needs.

making healthy food available

Traditional grocery store pricing is turned upside down at the Community Food Club – fruits and vegetables are the lowest priced items while processed foods and snack items are among the highest priced. This incentivizes healthy options and increases access to fresh, nutritious foods on a consistent basis. At the Food Club, we are committed to always stocking fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, milk, and eggs. Fruits and vegetables make up 42% of the items members select – nearly triple the average amount distributed by traditional grocery stores.

the impact of a food club membership

Here are the improvements our members have seen in their lives:

More access to fresh produce
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Increased food security
0 %
Improvement In Meeting Basic Needs
0 %
Increased healthy eating
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